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It's that time of year when wildlife graces us with their presence in our front and backyards.

Due to budget cuts and city costs savings, Animal Control is no longer responding to trapped wildlife. If you find an injured animal, please contact Animal Control for removal as they will respond to sick, injured or deceased animals.

What should you do if your dog or cat makes contact with wildlife? Raccoons, bats and skunks are the ones that should make you take immediate action should your pet come in contact with them. They are high risk carriers of rabies.

Should your pet come in contact or be exposed to them in the form of a scratch or bite, please take the following steps:

1) If your pet kills the raccoon, bat or skunk, do not dispose of it yourself.
Please contact Animal Control for pick up. The Animal Control officers will
pick up the deceased animal and take it to the county shelter for a rabies
head test.

2) Take your pet to your vet for treatment. If your pet is NOT current on
their Rabies vaccination, do not re-vaccinate until further instructions from
the Animal Control officer. If your pet is current on their Rabies
vaccination, that's fine. You need not do anything further as far as
vaccinations are concerned.

3) People hesitate to contact Animal Control because they think their pet is
going to be taken away permanently

The only reason your pet would be taken away temporarily would be for quarantine purposes IF there was no place for your dog to relieve itself. If you have a yard or patio, or if it can use the wee wee pads, Animal Control and pet owners prefer home quarantines as opposed to shelter quarantines.
If your dog has no place to relieve itself, arrangements can also be made to have your dog quarantined at a vet hospital or a boarding facility of your choice. This is less stressful for your dog because they may be already familiar with the place and also less stressful for you. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for the boarding costs.

Opossums and squirrels are at the bottom of the list for Rabies. Feel free to dispose of the dead opossum or squirrel yourself or contact Animal Control for pick up.

Opossums have a “live and let live” attitude unless approached by an animal. Most cats tend to live in harmony with Opossums.

If you have any questions regarding bites or scratches having to do with your pets and wildlife, please feel free to contact  Costa Mesa Animal Control 714 754-5311.