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While the number of Pet Friendly stay-places continues to grow all over the country, there may be reasons why you cannot take your pet with you when you travel. Before you know it, it will be vacation time. If you do not plan on taking your pet with you, I encourage you to start shopping around now for kennels or pet sitters or start talking to friends/neighbors that may be able to care for your pet.

You may be scratching your head thinking "goodness, it's only February". Time goes fast and truth be told 80% of pet owners wait until the last minute, a month before, two weeks before. I have even seen people scramble around to find someone to care for their pet on the same day they are supposed to be leaving on their trip. I say no time like the present to start doing your homework.

One of many options is a pet sitter that offers to come to your house to care for your pet. Keep in mind yours may not the only house they will pet sitting for. I read an article that mentioned a lady was interviewing a pet sitter and she asked a very good question. She asked "I realize that you have many houses besides mine, so where do you keep the keys to all of the houses you pet sit for?".

The pet sitter answered "In my vehicle". Troubled by her answer, the lady asked "And
what if your car gets broken into?" The pet sitter replied "Oh, that has never happened".

The lady shopped for another pet sitter. Smart lady.

This is an example of why it is so important to start doing your pet sitting planning as early as now, not only for the welfare of your pet but also for the safety of your home, while you're away. Have peace of mind during your vacation, knowing that your pet is safe and happy while waiting for you to come home. Shop around, do your homework now to avoid stress and worry later. Your pet would do the same for you.

Spay and neuter...there are not enough good homes.