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This incident happened around a year ago and sometimes it drifts back through my mind and makes me very sad.  I don't want this to happen to any of you, so here goes.


A woman up in Santa Monica looked up on Craig's List a pet sitter for her cat that she had for over 12 years.  She brought the cat home as a kitten and loved it even more as an adult. 


She found a woman advertising as a "Pet Sitter" who  promised to love your pet as if it was her own.  She made arrangements to bring the cat over to this "pet sitter" and disaster happened. 


One night the cat got out and was never to be found again.


The "pet sitter" was a drug addict who shared her house with other drug addicts, had pets of her own that she did not take very good care of and posed as a pet sitter for the money to probably more than likely purchase her drug of choice. 


The holidays will be here before we know it.  If you plan on not taking your pets with you during this time, start doing your homework now.  Take your time, be thorough, ask as many questions as you want to the potential pet sitters or boarding facilities. Ask for references, take the time to verify these references. 


As I have written before, I am not a fan of leaving pets at vet hospitals for boarding.  This is just my own personal opinion.  I have seen for myself vet hospitals that promise to give your pet lots of play time, attention when in reality all they get is a pat on the head when their kennels are being cleaned out.


Recently a dog escaped from a vet hospital and eventually was reunited with owner, however, it's a worry no pet owner should have to face.


I personally would not want to spend my vacation in a human hospital so why should pets stay at a pet hosital?


I never want to hear that your pet was a victim of an irresponsible pet sitter.  So please, start now to plan ahead, so that both you and your pet can enjoy your vacations without worry.


Be safe.