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Does anyone remember the Sears Department Store, when it had the candy counter in the middle of the store? C'mon I know some of you do, don't be shy. Ah yes, the chocolate covered peanuts, the cashews, the malted milk balls! I remember while moms and dads shopped, kids, including myself,
would go to the toy department. We would play with the toys and hope our parents would buy us something before going home. Of course going back to the candy counter and getting a small bag of those malted milk balls worked for me.

In 1981, the abduction and killing of six year old Adam Walsh, son of John Walsh, host of "America's Most Wanted," changed the course of things. Adam was playing a video game in the toy department of Sears while his mother was shopping. He was abducted and later found murdered. 

Children were no longer being left alone in the toy department of stores. 

Parents began keeping a closer eye on their children wherever they went.

I was walking my dogs at a local park. We were about 10 football field yards away from the playground. A little girl who was standing by the swing caught a glimpse of my dogs and started running over towards us. She was running as fast as her little legs could carry her to get to us. "Can I pet your dogs?!" she asked with excitement in her voice. She could not have been more than five years old. She was very articulate and just an adorable personality.

I answered "yes," but with a question in my tone. Where were her parents?  I kept looking around and then saw a man sitting down on the bricks that led to the swing set, talking away on his cell phone with his back turned towards us. The little girl kept petting my dogs and telling me about the dog they had at home.

To be honest, I wasn't really paying too much attention because I was now looking at my watch, wondering how long it would be before someone or possibly that man sitting down chit chatting away would notice their or his child was missing. Approximately ten minutes later, he got off the phone
and started looking to the left and to the right in somewhat a state of panic, calling the little girl's name.

I shouted, "She's over here." As he walked over towards us, his little girl said, "Look Daddy, the dogs are pretty." He smiled and said, "She loves dogs."What if she had run up to a predator using the excuse of walking a dog to lure a child to him/her? What if she had been a more curious child and
walked towards the parking lot where someone in a car could have used the "Will you help me find my puppy?" line and taken her?

John Walsh made it his life's mission to help capture predators and criminals through his show, "America's Most Wanted." Adam Walsh brought so much joy and love to his parents. Make it your life's mission to protect your family. Hang up, text later and pay attention to your children. You won't be
sorry and they will love you for it.