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Report on Boy Scout Grant Kit Program

We are so very grateful for the extraordinary opportunity to share CPR Anytime kits with Boy Scouts in the Costa Mesa area. Members participated from Troop 22, Troop 37, Troop 90, Troop 106, Troop 316, Troop 339, Crew 339, Troop 711, and Troop 764. The 54 participating Scouts trained 575 people directly, an average of more than 10 apiece, and the impact of the project extended well beyond the direct training. Several Scouts from Troop 339 used their kits to train all 40 Cub Scouts from Pack 302 and the Troop 339 Committee Chairman plans to have a family and friends day annually where everyone can review how to do Hands Only CPR and anyone new can learn how.

Several members from Troop 711 and Troop 339 used their CPR Anytime kits with the science teacher at their private school to train all the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to do Hands Only CPR. Their science teacher will take steps to teach Hands Only CPR to all 5th graders in future years. When this was told to the Newport Mesa Unified School District Administrators, the public school science teachers decided to add Hands Only CPR to their 5th grade curriculum as soon as they could arrange it.

The nurse at the church associated with the private school was inspired to start a Hands Only CPR training program for all the church members.

The participating Scouts were excited they could show someone else a skill that could save a life. We even had a Cub Scout who was only 9 years old use the CPR Anytime kit to teach others. We are very grateful the CPR Anytime kits are such a simple and complete tool to enable Scouts of all ages to easily share with family and friends of all ages.