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Our most vulnerable neighbors are seniors who may not know or remember the ways crooks can persuade them to give up their life’s savings. These crooks can find personal information about children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces on the internet and use this information to persuade Grandma to give up thousands of dollars she can ill afford to lose.

Please give this message to every senior you know, help them to understand the concept of the scam and ask them to put this page by their phone to remind themselves to call a different family member or the police if they get a call asking for money.

Thanks to Judy who just sent this alert, the scam is currently active in our area.

I am President of the local Chapter of RPEA or Retired Public Employees Association. We had a membership meeting yesterday in the Laguna Woods area with an excellent speaker from the Office on Aging. He told us of a current scram hitting south county. After hearing the scenario a lady present, who lives in San Pedro, indicated she had had such a phone call just last week. You may want to warn others. I found this news article in a website about senior phone scams but it is almost exactly what they described.

More Senior Citizens falling victim to Grandma Scam

Senior citizens are not safe . Using every scam and fraud tactic, crime artists are focusing on how to dupe elderly. Compared to other scams, the Grandma Scam is very easy to execute as it doesn’t require the criminal to have any money invested.  Scam artists are taking full advantage of the emotions of seniors and using every opportunity to take away money.  In the worst example, an aged Castaic woman is the latest victim of the Grandma Scam.

This women got a telephone call from a man saying that he was her grandson and he rented a car with no insurance. He further lied by stating the car met with an accident and he required some money to repair the car damages. What an easy and crooked tactic to fool the innocent senior!

The same con artist was sure about the money as he had won her trust and called the next day asking the unsuspecting women to send additional money for his friend who was driving the car.  Grandmother, without knowing and verifying the personal details, poured $5000 into scam artist’s pocket.

Sheriff’s officials have issued a warning regarding Grandma Scam
  • Seniors should be cautious about phone calls which sponsor schemes or pleas involving a loved one in trouble.
  • Ask specific questions and obtain addresses and telephone numbers – then verify it.
  • Avoid providing any credit card details, bank or other personal information, unless and until caller is verified.
  • Call a family member or local authorities immediately.