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You found a dead cat or dog in your yard, in front of your house or
in the street. Now what do you do?

Please contact Animal Control (714) 754-5311 for pick up. Some animals
have microchips in them or even a collar with identification. Please do not
remove the collar or attempt to dispose of the animal yourself. Animal
Control will want to contact the owners themselves advising them of
the situation regarding their pet. Owners will often want the collars of their
deceased animals.

Animal Control keeps records of all deceased animals located and called for
pick up. They will scan for a microchip even if the animal is a coyote kill.
The Animal Control Officers have been trained to identify to the best of their
ability the breed or description of an animal.

Most important if owners are missing animals and contact Animal Control,
the staff will be able to tell them if their animal is alive or deceased, picked
up or not picked up.

As most of you know I will be leaving animal control in a few days and there
is some information I really feel I should give you in case you do lose a pet.
When you go to the Orange County Humane Society looking for your pet,
please remember to do the following three things.

1) Ask to see the impound book with the yellow sheets. Make sure they
allow you to look through the book. Two sets of eyes are better than one.
This book with the yellow sheets has the animals that Animal Control brings
in, which includes the dead ones.

2) Ask to see the impound book with the white sheets. Again, make sure
they allow you to look through the book. This book is very important for you
to look through, because this is the book that contains animals alive or
deceased that not only Animal Control brings in but also the public may
bring in.

3) Ask them to have you escorted to the Animal Control building. This
building is different from the adoption building. When you are escorted into
the Animal Control building, take your time looking carefully at all the
animals. Don't feel rushed. When looking for a lost pet, check all surrounding shelters including the
county shelter on City Drive in the city of Orange and the Irvine Animal Care
Center. Both of these shelters also have excellent lost and found websites,
but going in person is much better.

Post and check on Craig’s list, as people sometimes do not want to call Animal Control for pick up.

Check your local pet hospitals and also post flyers everywhere you can think
of. Offer a "reward"- no need to mention the amount - and also put on your
flyer "no questions asked". Sometimes people are reluctant to return an
animal for fear they will get in trouble.

This was a very important area of my job that I don't take lightly and carry
in my heart, because I know how much our animals mean to us. I love
reuniting animals with their owners and being somewhat a comfort when
there is bad news to give. I'll be gone but am only an email or phone call
away if you need my help in the future. Please contact Diane Hill and
together we'll figure out something.