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I think the best answer I can give you is coyotes will do what they have learned to survive.  If they can avoid cars in street and confrontations, they will use yards, bike trails, gullys, roof tops, walls etc. and we have had sightings in all these places.

If those travel routes have food sources such as water (pools and storm drains), pet foods, pets or even fruit they will continue to use those means of travel to scavenge along the way (yes even fruit).

The new information out there is you need to change their behavior by making your yard or your walking trail a scary experience. The humane society methods that are being taught to the public are to carry a horn, whistle or a can of rocks and use it when they are sighted.  The one method I do not recommend is running towards them. I still have hard time with that new method.  

Most of the coyotes come from the golf course/river bed. Occasionally, if they find an overgrown yard with no activity they will stay there. Coyotes can have several dens or sleeping areas. In the bird tract almost every other house has reported coyotes running through their yards. Citizens may report to us or Fish and Game with any abnormal behavior, sick, injured or showing any signs of aggressive behavior toward humans. The only reports we have been getting are sightings of them running through yards which are not abnormal. They have just found a way to travel without using the street. I have told three homeowners how to stop the traffic through their yards by placing a roller at the top of their fence. The only problem is the fences are only about 3 foot tall. The fence should be taller.

Also, each of the residents I visited had very large embankments with lots of trees and brush. Some have storage where all kinds of wildlife can hide. One family had old solar panels (that were not being used) with bundles of chicken wire, wood, old yard articles etc. under the panels. I saw some holes where possibly something small like a skunk or squirrel had been digging but nothing more. This residence was located directly behind a church where a home owner saw the coyote jump and leave. I did go through the yards and never found any “dens”.

You can Google "Coyote Rollers" to find the companies that sell the "rollers". One has a great demo to watch. I have talked with residents along Canyon Park who have created their own version quite easily.