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CMPD Coyote Response and Education

Our response to a coyote is similar to other agencies except one additional step Costa Mesa takes. If a citizen calls during a stray coyote sighting, someone will respond to evaluate the behavior and deploy the hazing method. The time of day or night would determine who it would be, an Animal Control Officer or Police officer (after hours). No other agency will respond to a stray coyote because sightings are not uncommon anymore.

If they call the next day, or leave a voice mail on a police department line, (with their correct call back info) they will get a call back to determine if it was a natural sighting or if an officer still needs to respond. The coyote sightings usually last about 2 minutes or less, so unfortunately they are
gone by the time an officer arrives.

College Park housing area has always had an issue with coyotes. They are often seen running from the golf course, State Hospital Grounds and the Fair Grounds, into College Park. Not uncommon.

We encourage the hazing method to ensure the coyote will not feel comfortable in returning.

Letting your pets stray outside will only guarantee the coyotes return for another meal. We have brochures available on the hazing method and precautions to take to reassure your pet’s health and safety. Our city has a website similar to other agencies including Calif. Fish and Game that explains
safety methods.

We must also remember not all missing pets are killed by coyotes. Our agency has always stressed the importance of not allowing pets to stray for other safety reasons. They are in danger of being struck by cars, theft, killed by domestic pets, exposed to parasites, diseases, unintentional poisoning, and harm from people who just don’t like stray animals. Of course always keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date because of possible conflicts or exposure to diseases from wildlife.