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Holidays can be very stressful for humans and pets. Here are some tips to help your pet feel
save and happy during the holidays. Please also feel free to share you own ideas with others.
  • Keep your pet's current ID tag on your pet's collar and keep your pet's collar with the current ID tag on your pet. With guests arriving and leaving, it may be very easy for someone to accidentally leave a door open and out goes your dog or cat. If they get lost and picked up by animal control or a “Good Samaritan”, it will be that much easier to get your pet home to you if they have CURRENT ID tags on them.
  • Take extra steps to be sure your guests know it is important to keep you pets inside because we live in coyote country. If a lot of people are coming in or out at one time, close a cat in another room and put a leash on the dog with someone reliable assigned to hold that leash.
  • If your pet is micro-chipped, be sure the chip is registered under your name. Sometimes people get their pets micro-chipped, but never follow up with the complete registration. So when a pet is scanned, the chip comes back to the manufacturer which makes it much more difficult to get your pet home to you.
  • If you forget what is on the micro-chip, many vets will read the micro-chip for you at no charge – just call and ask.
  • Keep your pets in a quiet room in your house, perhaps a bedroom with soft music playing or a TV on with the volume not too loud. Your pets may not be used to a lot of people in the house including children running around. This is especially important if your pets are not used to children. The children's excitement may be too much for your pet.
  • If at all possible feed your pets before guests arrived especially ones with children. This way your pet can enjoy their meal without being disturbed.
  • if you have guests with children staying overnight, feed your pets in a quiet area so they are not, again, disturbed. Never leave your pet unattended while it is eating, especially with guest/children in the house.
  • If you free feed your pet and you are used to leaving the pet food available for your pet all day, may I suggest during the time when you have guests, not to leave your pet's food in the bowl on the floor. Pets can be territorial about their food. If a guest gets a little curious about what's in the bowl, your pet may respond aggresively to protect their food.
  • Keep your pets away from too much human food and definitely keep them away from chocolate.