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The concept of surveillance cameras is not to spy on each other, but to be more aware of what happens on your own property and the street in front, and to have video to help the police if anything happens. Cameras do not take the place of your good watching and noticing if something is suspicious, but they can be an additional deterrent for individual residents as well as neighborhoods.

Imagine a sign at the neighborhood entrances stating, “This neighborhood has CCTV surveillance.”

It is possible for neighbors to go together and position a camera so it can scan across both their properties. A camera can see what your eye can see and probably a little sharper. There are several electronic type retailers you can check. You need to understand the resolution you are investing in –
upper 400 is good. You can choose between black and white and color. A lot is available in color now and the color helps in the description of clothing and vehicles. A camera using IR night vision will produce images in no light. If the camera will be outside, it should be weather resistant. Some systems will hook into your computer and allow you to monitor remotely. Some systems are wireless between the cameras and the monitor/recorder, even though the camera units will still require electrical connections. There is a phone app now allowing for remote control.

There are lots of brands pictured on these websites. Click on the brand to go to that site and learn more about their particular products.
These sites will offer a brief overview on various CCTV configurations.

If you need professional help, install only fees (Owner supplied materials) range from $250-400 for a 2 camera system to $525-750 for a 4 camera system, ( RG-59 cable, 16-2 power cable).  110V outlets extra $285.00.

There are retail outlets in Orange County that carry several brands and you would be able to talk to a sales person about the comparative benefits.

If you do install a CCTV system, let your CMPD area commander know, so they are aware you may have a helpful resource if they have an incident in your area.