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I recently attended the Irvine Animal Shelter's "Home for the Holidays": event. I was taking a look at some of the dogs that were available for adoption, when I overheard a man say "Two hundred dollars to adopt a dog! Ha, they're crazy. If they really wanted to give a dog a home, they would give it away or not charge so much money". Okay, let's talk about "where does the money go?"

Approximately 70% of the dogs and cats that end up in rescues are not only heart broken, they are physically broken. Rescues use their donations, adoption fees and often times money from their own personal bank accounts to care for and heal these animals so they can be adopted and have the happy life they so deserve.

Kay DeLoach from Westie Rescue of OC and Beyond shares the amount of money spent on one precious Westie by the name of Wally that came into her rescue. Wally needed eye surgery and numerous medical treatments. Take a look at Wally's account.
Wally's eye surgery-over $3000
neuter & shots approximately $150
Treatment for pneumonia, 10 days at the vet, $1500
Teeth cleaning-anesthesia $225
Knee surgery for luxating patella $750
Treatment for demodectic mange $200

Sue Baldwin of Southland Collie Rescue shares her cost on a beautiful Collie / Retriever mix, Buffy, that came into her rescue.
$970.00 removal of large massive tumor. The vet was kind enough to also do a teeth cleaning at
the same time, with no extra charge.

Sherry Montgomery from AHome4Ever shares her cost to heal the adorable animals that come into her rescue.
Bladder stones which is quite common cost $1400.
Dental runs about $350.00
FHO is $1600
Luxating patella is $900.00
Neuter for a recent dog Sherry rescued $68.00
Rabies shot and micro-chip $24.00

Rescues use donations and adoption fees to pay for their biggest expense-medical bills which also may include follow up visits, on-going treatment as well as medications that in some cases animals will need to be on for the rest of their lives. I have not even touched on the subject of food, supplies and educational events that is also funded by donations and adoption fees.

When rescues say they are "non-profit", they means exactly that. There is no money in rescue work.

As for the gentleman who said "they are crazy". No, they are not crazy. Kay, Sue, Sherry and all of the thousands of rescues will skip their own meals to feed an animal. They will sleep on the floor to give an animal a bed. They are angels with hearts that are bigger than the world. We and the animals are grateful to have them with us here on earth.

Please spay and neuter your pets. Please give to an animal rescue of your choice. Any amount is always appreciated and welcomed.

A Friend of Animals