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Welcome to the United Neighbors communication network. I work with the Neighborhood Watch and preparedness program in Halecrest/Hall of Fame. For caring neighbors everywhere in Costa Mesa, I put out the volunteer newsletter, UNITED NEIGHBORS NEWS AND ALERTS, focused on safety and preparedness and good of the community. It is a clearinghouse that includes messages from neighbors about what is going on around them that others might want to know to watch out for. You are always welcome to communicate with the editor if you have something to share.

The newsletters are also designed for you to share with your neighbors, to help you strengthen your own neighborhood watching communications network. The idea is that one or two of you on the street get the newsletters directly and then send them on to all neighbors who have email and set up communication buddies to take prints of the newsletters to all who do not have email, so those without email can receive a print copy and also have a friend who stays in touch with them.

The result is that all on the street have the news, as well as everyone’s phone and email, so you can quickly communicate among yourselves as needed.

As you read the United Neighbors newsletters you will see its purpose is 
    to help all of us be alert and aware in watching our neighborhood and have educated eyes and ears to help the police 
    to support the development of phone and email communication networks in each neighborhood by giving neighbors and Street Contacts (SCs) a helpful information product to share with their neighbors.

Street Contacts have agreed
    to be listed on a report for their neighborhood, so all the neighbors can quickly reach someone on another street if needed 
    to be included in the PD Communications database as a resource for first responders to use if they want to communicate alerts or other safety information with a particular neighborhood or street quickly. Most of you have already agreed to be Street Contacts. 

If you have not spoken to me about it and would like to be a Street Contact, please respond to this message.

The newsletters mention www.cmprepared.com, this volunteer website we maintain with information from the Neighborhood Safety and Preparedness Program, which Costa Mesa city admin. asked us and another neighbor to develop so neighborhoods could get more prepared for emergencies. Check it out and print out the materials in the Family Disaster Preparedness Packet to help your family get ready. There is a section on this site that tells about 2-way radio. We would love for you to help us spread the emergency 2-way radio net across the city and join in the Monday night practice radio nets.

On the cmprepared.com home page the first link in the list is UNITED NEIGHBORS. Click on that and you will find more information about this communication program and the past newsletters. 

In this section of Topics of perennial interest, please start by paying special attention to:
        Call the Police
        Simple Steps to Save Lives and Be Safer



Program this non-emergency communications number into your phone, 714 754-5252. You reach the same operators who handle 911 calls, but calling this number helps you indicate you DO NOT have a life threatening emergency.

CMPD CRIME PREVENTION SPECIALIST is Kelly Vucinic, 714 754-4876, kvucinic@costamesaca.gov
Call Kelly to schedule a Neighborhood Watch program for your block.