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"Neighbors Helping Neighbors"

Working together for the common good!
The United Neighbors communication network is a volunteer clearing house of shared ideas by Costa Mesa neighbors with input and support from the Costa Mesa Police Dept. and other city departments.  United Neighbors encourages and facilitates neighbors working together and helping each other on a daily and emergency basis.  Email subscribers get tips from Costa Mesa neighborhoods, as well as police alerts for immediate attention

The goals are:
  • to have a United Neighbors neighborhood watching email, phone and two-way radio communication network in every neighborhood in the city 
  • to have each neighborhood communicating by e-mail, phone and two-way radio among its neighbors 
  • to make sure everyone has the United Neighbors e-newsletters 
  • to have neighborhood Contacts available in case the police need to reach that particular neighborhood quickly
To join the United Neighbors communication network, send your name, home address, email address and phone number to: unitedneighbors@cmprepared.com

View past United Neighbors e-newsletters with main topics listed: