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This is not just a waving awareness. Have you exchanged home and cell phone numbers with everyone whose home you can see from your front door? Have you exchanged email addresses with everyone who has an email address?

These neighbors can reach you if there is something wrong at your home while you are away. They can call you quickly if someone is messing with the car in your driveway just beyond anything you can see from your window. They might be the first ones to notice if your dog got out of the back yard or one of your small children walked down the street. They might call you if they saw smoke that looked unusual. And in an emergency, they might be the first ones who could get to you to help. You might be the one who could help your neighbors in the same way, but you need to have a little communication to get this safety net started.

The point of UNITED NEIGHBORS is to get this communication started in every neighborhood, on every block across Costa Mesa. Do what fits your block. Make sure everyone possible is included.

Congratulations if you have done this already. Please share this message with everyone you know and encourage them to do the same. Just imagine how much safer we would all be if 98% of our neighbors could talk to each other. It is worth trying…