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Pertinent Costa Mesa events and activities in which we have taken part and do participate

1993 – All 11 Hall Fame Streets earned Neighborhood Watch signs (197 homes) – our neighbor network

2004 – City Administrators asked Paul and Diane Hill and Gordon West to develop Neighborhood Safety and Preparedness Program.

65 CERT grads trained and did outreach in their neighborhoods.  Paul developed www.cmprepared.com with program details and preparedness links for sharing.
Halecrest and French Quarter (500 more homes) became part of our neighbor network.

After Baker Drive-by shooting of 5 with one fatality, Mike Brumbaugh headed group, including Diane and Paul, to bring neighbors on both sides of Baker Street together. We became UNITED NEIGHBORS – the caring people next door, not a government or political group.

We are CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) grads – ready to help in community events and emergencies. We are MESAC (Mesa Emergency Service Amateur Communications) members – ham radio operators who help with city emergency and event communications. We encourage you to join those groups. But tonight we are the people next door encouraging you to unite with us and your neighbors, because we are safer when we work together.

We edit UNITED NEIGHBORS e-newsletters – intended for sharing with your neighbors and friends.

• Clearing house for Neighbor tips, alerts and cautionary stories. Call PD, then warn neighbors.
• Alerts from PD and communications from other city depts.
• Answers to questions about city operations – Visible Street Address Numbers, Tree Roots in Sewer Lateral.
• Good of the city – verified fundraisers, free and noteworthy community events.
• Topics from scams and Stranger Danger to pets and making coyotes unafraid without hurting.
• Timeless Resource Topics, past E-newsletters in UNITED NEIGHBORS section of cmprepared.com.


1. Sign up to receive UNITED NEIGHBORS emails. 
2. Secure vehicles (remove valuables) and home, teach family safe practices. 
3. Organize phone and email communication networks in your neighborhoods – a trust-building exercise – adapt concept to fit your neighborhood.
A. Street Contact for every 6-10 homes – help neighbors be acquainted with each other, a phone tree branch. 
1) Know and watch out for each other, aware of home/away patterns. 
2) Set up communication buddies and share e-news with those who don’t have email. 
3) Be aware of Seniors, physical challenges, languages, skill and resource assets and needs. 
4) Help each other remove potential coyote residential habitat by trimming up foliage 18-24 inches, removing food, water and hiding places and securing pets. 
5) Identify needs for Help Crew assistance – take care of it or ask for help. 
6) Account for each other within 5 minutes in a disaster.
B. Key Contact or 2-3 person Key Contact Team for every neighborhood.
1) Is communication point for news in and out of neighborhood.
2) Maintains email list and phone tree information for whole neighborhood.
3) Enables Street Contact groups to be in touch with each other – who is behind your back fence?
4) Can use printable or Fillable Emergency Information Form on cmprepared.com – database template available.
4. Organize neighborhood/city-wide 2-way radio network for emergencies – police pursuit of suspect going over fences – helicopter circling overhead, turn on 2-way radio for news.
5. Make a plan and start preparing your family and neighborhood to survive and respond to disasters.
6. Take free CERT training.
7. Find out about 2-way radio and at least get a “walkie-talkie” FRS/GMRS radio to keep by your bed (see radio section on cmprepared.com).


SIGN UP for UNITED NEIGHBORS emails – on our registration pages or a card write your name, address, phone, email and if you will be a Street Contact or Neighborhood Key Contact. We will send out emails until your neighborhood is ready to pass them along yourselves.

If you have been getting emails indirectly and are not part of a neighborhood group, sign up to get them directly and start sharing them with your neighbors.

If you are already getting emails directly, please say hello. I would love to meet you in person.

BE CONTAGIOUS – Feel free to COPY any information you have been given or PRINT anything you find on the cmprepared.com website. SHARE this information with everyone on your email list as well as with all your neighbors. We want to get CALL THE POLICE to every household in the city.  We also want everyone to have VISIBLE STREET ADDRESS NUMBERS and have access to a Help Crew if they need it.

Realize this will always be a work in progress, but it is more important than ever to start right now. 

As educated eyes and ears who call immediately and make reports, we can help police and fire responders do their jobs to keep us safe.

With Visible Street Address Numbers, we can help responders find where they need to go.

Having a NW presentation will give you more ideas on how to keep yourselves and your neighbors safe.

CMPD CRIME PREVENTION SPECIALIST is Kelly Vucinic, 714 754-4876,

Call Kelly to schedule a Neighborhood Watch program for your block.

Working together we can make a difference to our families and our neighborhoods. 

We will all be safer and we will also be making many new friends.