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International Friendship Month

International Friendship Month’s today
And all the rest of February.
It’s a good time to share this message with you
And hope you will share it with your neighbors, too.
Won’t you be my friend, my neighbor,
And exchange your phone number with me?
We’ll be safer watching our street and our homes
And when needed, call speedily.
I don’t want a fire to hurt you and you wouldn’t want one to hurt me,
So let’s take a moment before we forget and set up our telephone tree.
We may find another reason that we have not considered before
When you want to alert me more quickly
Than you ever could run to my door.
Let’s talk to our neighbors beside us and help them to be safer, too.
If we reach out to help all the ones we can see,
They will be there to help me and you.
So please be my friend, my neighbor,
And exchange your phone number with me.
Keep an eye out for me and I’ll watch for you, too,
And when needed, we’ll call speedily.

 Working together for the common good, the United Neighbors communication network is a volunteer clearing house of shared ideas by Costa Mesa neighbors with input and support from the Costa Mesa Police Dept. and other city departments.  United Neighbors encourages and facilitates neighbors working together and helping each other on a daily and emergency basis.   Email subscribers get the latest safety, preparedness and good of the community news and tips from Costa Mesa neighborhoods, as well as police alerts for immediate attention.

The goal is:
  • to have a United Neighbors neighborhood watching email and phone communication in every neighborhood in the city
  • to have each neighborhood communicating by e-mail and telephone among its neighbors
  • to make sure everyone has the United Neighbors e-newsletters
  • to have neighborhood Contacts available in case the police need to reach that particular neighborhood quickly.
The person sharing this flier with you is offering to exchange their contact information
with you, add you to the neighborhood communication network and provide these
newsletters to you as they arrive. Please join us and share your information with them.
1. name
2. home address
3. email address
4. phone number