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Some Websites with Free Newsletters

Shared by Joy

You can subscribe to free newsletters from the following websites. Joy has found these
newsletters worth her attention and has given a description to help you decide if they are of
interest to you as well.

www.offthegridnews.com - this is from: Solutions From Science 815 W. Main St. P.O. Box
518 Thomson, IL 61285. They discuss a wide range of topics promoting the self-sufficient "off
the grid" living skills and equipment.

www.safecosmetics.org discusses all products put on or in the skin - the safe and the toxic.

www.ediblecommunities.com - topics cover farming, including the GMO Terminator *
irradiated seeds & Monsanto issues, canning, food safety, local and national law and the
current actions of the federal government to destroy our rights to healthy food and to produce
it ourselves.

www.fluoridealert.org discusses dangerous fluorides in the public water supply, various foods,
cosmetics, and toiletries.

www.healthiernews.com discusses a very wide range of public health issues.

www.responsibletechnology.org – Institute for Responsible Technology. To avoid GMOs, which is the
advice of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, visit www.NonGMOShoppingGuide.com.

www.healthiernews.com - Various topics including toxic ingredients in various vaccines and
medications causing permanent injury and even death.