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The Costa Mesa Police Department is encouraging residents and businesses to sign up for AlertOC and Nixle, mass notification systems that inform citizens of emergency or noteworthy information.

Nixle, which is used by more than 5,000 public agencies, allows the Costa Mesa Police Department to communicate with residents and businesses via text and email messages. In addition to citywide messages, Nixle will also allow the Police Department to contact citizens in specific parts of town.

Notifications could include information about emergency preparation, traffic issues, special events, community outreach, hazardous situations, press releases, and missing and wanted individuals.

AlertOC is designed to keep Orange County residents and businesses informed of emergencies and other important events. By registering with AlertOC, time-sensitive voice messages from the county or city may be sent to your home, cell or business phone. Text messages may also be sent to cell phones, e-mail accounts and receiving devices for the hearing impaired.

To sign up for AlertOC, go to www.alertoc.com and follow the instructions to sign up for Costa Mesa alerts.

Communication with the public is critical to effective emergency responses. Over 85% of civilians can be instantly reached on their mobile phone by text messaging. In crisis situations, timely information saves lives, and there is no more effective means to quickly reach large populations than mobile text messaging.

The links to sign up for the alerts are on the Police Department's home page (www.costamesaca.gov/police) on city's website.