Here is the story as told to me by my parents. They came here by car from Wisconsin when I was a baby. My father had a job promised at a shipyard in Newport Beach so they were looking for homes in the surrounding cities but wanted something decidedly more "country" than the sandy boardwalk apartment they were renting. The foreman at the shipyard told them about Costa Mesa and the new development there and my parents came to look at them. The model homes were situated on the corner of Gisler and Harbor and the garages were not attached to the homes at that time to accommodate the varying floor plans, and when they were moved to the location on the end of Conway and on Dorset lane, the garages were attached at that time. This is why they did not have doors from the house to the garage. Some were added by homeowners later, and subsequent homes were made with garage access from the house. Our block of 12 homes were these original model homes. 1202 Conway to 1224 and 1201 Dorset to I believe 1227.